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Reconnect With JobBank

September 4, 2009 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under Friday Focus

jobbankWhile leading economic indicators are hinting at recovery and retail sales figures are slowly getting better, early Holiday estimates are suggesting that we still have a long way to go. For NARMS, the members of the at-retail merchandising and marketing industry, activity on NARMS JobBank is another economic indicator. We are also seeing positive gains as members are coming back to the resource as their own opportunities are increasing.

Three years ago, activity on JobBank consistently hovered around 700 listings per month as the industry was firing on all cylinders. But much like the worldwide retail trade, last winter saw activity hit the skids when only about an average of 100 jobs appeared per month. Currently, it looks like a combination of the retail recovery and several promotional efforts are starting to take hold. Traffic is now hovering around 200 listings and looks to be getting stronger.

Just as the government has offered a stimulus package, NARMS has also offered some special discounts and options to get things jump started. For only $1,000 you can have unlimited job offerings on JobBank. This resource is searched 800,000 times each month and provides greater coverage through RSS feeds of your listings to top job sites and social networking applications. The job you are posting will automatically appear on Alltop,, and Simply Hired giving your posting unparalleled exposure.

Other options include five up ads at double the price with your job rotating to the top of the list every five days. There is also One Call Now phone support to further push your job offering out to merchandisers in the field. For those who have four or more jobs per month, a Showcase Button appears by the listing. This is for only $350 plus only $80 for additional jobs over four per month. Banner Ads are available on NARMS Home Page for only $500 per month

As things start to look up for your company, we hope that you will reconnect with NARMS JobBank. You will find the special offers, improvements, and enhancements make this service better than ever at helping you find great people in the field.

Taking a Fresh Look at JobBank

October 24, 2008 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under Friday Focus

A quick look at the 2008 MSO Benchmarks study tells us that almost half of NARMS member MSOs use NARMS JobBank in their recruiting mix. Since the last benchmarks study in 2006, members have told us they have also found value in using other outside on-line recruiting services to augment, and in some cases spearhead, the never ending quest to find qualified people to perform at-retail merchandising and marketing services. No doubt, many very good resources have emerged in that time frame. But did you know that JobBank is not the same animal as it was two years ago? The reach and scope of our job posting vehicle has kept pace with the times. If you have not used it in awhile, it warrants a second look.

Originally, JobBank was viewed as a place where companies could advertise a retail merchandising job which could be viewed by the some 2.9 million people who visit on a monthly basis. And it still is all of that. However, recent strategic changes have brought about an even greater level of penetration. Since the beginning part of this year, every job posted has been pushed out via RSS feeds to many popular on-line job sites. Places like, Simply Hired, My Space and AllTop just to name a few are updated within minutes of post approval. There is a complete list of all the RSS feeds available on

This unprecedented level of penetration allows your job postings to reach a more local audience, which allows you to fill jobs faster. Rather than having to post open retail jobs on multiple sites, JobBank will do it for you by transmitting RSS feeds from a single point of contact in one transaction. In addition, JobBank jobs are pushed out to the merchandisers via Twitter, which is now the number one referrer to This service sends a “tweet’ and a short text message to the reps’ cell phones, PDAs or PCs within a few minutes of a job posting. The fact that is has become so popular after only a few months is further proof that field reps like to have job opportunities pushed out to them, as well as pulling them in to JobBank. Because of this localized approach, it is important that job advertisers are specific as possible on city and location when posting new jobs, as this will filter down as each service re-aggregates the data.

The industry also benefits from this updated strategic approach because at-retail opportunities are reaching a whole new audience, which drives interested parties to to follow-up and fill out a Recruiter profile.

So if you haven’t considered using NARMS JobBank in awhile, take a fresh look. You’ll find an easy to use, single point of contact implement that is ideal for all of your recruiting needs no matter how specific they may be.


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