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Lev-Glick to Address RMMC

December 4, 2012 by Newsfeed Editor  
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The planning of the 2013 Retail Marketing and Merchandising Conference (RMMC) is in full swing. We have secured the venue, the beautiful Scottsdale Plaza Resort, we have launched the website and now we are busy securing talented industry leaders and speakers who will present a wide array of educational and informative topics during the course of the event. The planning team is delighted to introduce our first key-note speaker, Lily Lev-Glick, with Shopper Sense.

For more than two decades, Lev-Glick has researched, explored and analyzed shopper behavior, purchase motivations, and how retail environments impact decision-making. This experience has led her to be recognized as one of the most respected and effective strategists in the field of Shopper Insights. As principal of Shopper Sense she works with retail merchandising agencies, brands and retailers to create solutions to the challenges of a rapidly changing shopper and retail marketplace. In 2012, POPAI called on Lev-Glick to oversee the execution of the Shopper Engagement Study, the largest in-store audit in history and the first study of its kind to combine shopper interviews, eye-tracking, and EEG technology to understand shopper behavior.

Lev-Glick holds an MBA in Marketing from Adelphi University, has served as distinguished faculty for the Path-to-Purchase Institute, and has presented at many industry events including the Shopper Insights Conference, The In-Store Marketing Summit, Shopper Marketing Expo, Category Management Conference, POPAI Masters Program and Global Shop. She is a featured author in the soon to be released book, The Power of Point-Of-Purchase Advertising: Marketing at Retail and has served as an industry expert for a variety of trade and business media.

Lev-Glick will lead the General Session topic on Monday April 29th entitled Busting the Barriers - Understanding Today’s Shoppers for Success with Tomorrow’s Retail Marketing and Merchandising Programs. With the convergence of social media, economic uncertainty and a growing generation of shoppers empowered by mobile devices, shoppers are changing at breakneck speed and retail marketers cannot always keep up. Through case studies, extensive research, and real-world examples, attendees at this session will gain insight into the complex shopper of today. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the shopper decision-making process and how to optimize the store with these trends in mind.

In the afternoon, Lev-Glick will present a breakout session in the Changing World track. The session - Creating Solutions to the Challenges of Today’s Complex Retail Landscape - will brainstorm and formulate concrete solutions to common problems at retail by using information and insights gained during the general session. Through vigorous involvement and a dynamic exchange of ideas, participants will drill down into various priority issues.

We encourage you to take advantage of the early registration fee which is available until December 31st, 2012. In addition, we have also launched a Group conference rate for those companies who wish to bring more than one person to the event. Visit the official RMMC website for more information and to register today!

Shopper Marketing Enables Growth

October 20, 2011 by Newsfeed Editor  
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The Grocery Manufacturers Association, Booz & Co. and Shopper Sciences recently released research that says companies using shopper marketing programs are seeing increased sales and better returns for their marketing dollars. According to this story in Supermarket News, the growth in shopper marketing puts a focus on real solutions for shoppers and creates value beyond price promotion.

NARMS own Top Shelf blog this week discussed the decrease in impulse purchasing and the increase in single mission shopping. GMA Senior Director Brian Lynch says shopper marketing uses customer insight and a collaborative approach to win the trip before the shopper gets to the store and increase purchases once they have arrived.

The study shares four components that are common among best-in-class shopper solutions. The first is the ability to develop and integrate consumer and shopper insights. The second is to understand the needs of retailers. The third is to work with external partners to deploy shopper solutions across the path to purchase. The fourth is to build a shopper marketing program that can both execute and measure the results of shopper solution initiatives.

The members of NARMS provide the kinds of at-retail merchandising and marketing solutions that can power the shopper marketing engine. On the front end, they can provide shelf data through audit and mystery shopping services that will provide an intimate portrait of your consumer and how they interact with and experience the retailer. In the middle, they can expertly and quickly deploy tactics that speak directly to the needs of the consumer. A few examples would be building displays, realigning product adjacencies or executing in-store product sampling and demos. And finally, many members employ cutting edge hand-held technology and sophisticated data handling capabilities and systems that help manufacturers and retailers understand the consumer and the retail environment.

Supermarket Guru Talks Category Management

July 14, 2011 by Newsfeed Editor  
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Today on the Lempert Report, supermarket industry analyst Phil Lempert discusses the evolution of Category Management and how it may well be on the path to true consumer centricity. The Lempert Report is a three times a week, 5-minute marketing analysis on issues and trends and their impact on the food and retail environments. During this installment, Lempert reports on a Kantar Retail survey on Category Management benchmarks and best practices. Not surprisingly, there is a huge at-retail merchandising and marketing element to the story.

Here are a few of the key points of the survey that Lempert focuses on: Manufacturers and retailers that integrate the disciplines of Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing are in a position to become category leaders. Eighty-one percent (81%) of manufacturers surveyed regard Category Management as very or extremely important. The top Category Management activity as rated by 88 percent of the participating manufacturers is Consumer/Shopper Insight. The top activity for 71 percent of the participating retailers was Execution Capability. The second rated activity for both is the Ability to Listen.

This data provides the members of NARMS with an exciting opportunity to be of even greater service to the retail industry. Many members have already invested significant amounts of time and money on data gathering and reporting capabilities at shelf-level. Trading partners can easily use these companies and leverage that capability to augment their insight into the mind of the consumer. The fact that retailers are still worried about the execution phase of Category Management is proof positive that a great need exists for our services and that a service gap still exists in order to fully realize successful Category Management initiatives.

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a member of NARMS to execute at-retail. The mission for all of us is to make sure that manufacturers and retailers are listening to what their own research is telling them.


Moving Shopper Insights Closer to Reality


Supermarket News is providing blanket coverage of the FMI Future Connect 2011 conference this week. Editors David Orgel and Mark Hamstra are contributing to a Total Access Blog giving readers a chance to visit subject matter right along with the conference participants. Orgel will be delivering the keynote address on Tuesday, May 17 at NARMS own IFBA Top to Top Conference held next week in Chicago at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel.

In one blog post, Orgel reports on a session about Shopper Insights featuring Trish Brynjolfsson, vice president, Brand and Industry Development, Catalina Marketing. Anyone who spends time reading industry trade publications or attending retail related trade gatherings has by now heard the term and is familiar with the topic. Basically, leveraging Shopper Insights is about knowing the consumer better and using techniques and technology to increase returns. Brynjolfsson says it is about building volume, loyalty and gaining trial of new items.

Most of the techniques suggested in the blog revolve around using shopper data to target consumers. For members of NARMS, professional at-retail merchandising and marketing service providers, these suggestions can lead to more opportunities to execute the ideas in-store.

The first and perhaps most obvious is to gather the shopper data and insights in the first place. Most NARMS members provide mystery shop and audit capabilities to gather and disseminate the data through advanced reporting and hand-held technology. This customer experience data adds a vital human element to the scan data.

When it comes to encouraging trial of new products, the members of NARMS Event Marketing Division are experts at carrying out at-retail samplings, demonstrations and special events that are proven to increase sales and enhance brand awareness.

NARMS members must continue to beat the drum that without execution at the shelf, these concepts are simply good ideas that go unrealized. Whether at the front end of gathering data, or the back end of executing the resulting strategy, NARMS members can be the force that moves Shopper Insights past the proof-of-concept stage and closer to reality.


Shopper Insights: Actionable or Academic?

March 3, 2011 by Newsfeed Editor  
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maclainOn April 12th, the members of NARMS will learn more about the value of shopper insights in at-retail merchandising and marketing processes when Al McClain of RetailWire and Nadine Hernandez of DemandTec, Inc. present - Shopper Insights: Actionable or Academic? The presentation will be the second MSO Division Workshop to take place at the 16th Annual NARMS Spring Conference and Exposition held this year at the Portola Plaza Hotel on Monterey Bay in Monterey, California.

The breakout session will showcase original quantitative research conducted by DemandTec in conjunction with RetailWire. MSO members and all conference attendees can hear key findings of the research and learn how shopper insights are important for both actionable insights and customer alignment in retail merchandising and marketing processes. The survey polled nearly 600 RetailWire community respondents in September of 2010, spanning across both retailers and manufacturers, from executive management to category managers.

The presentation also will highlight industry perspective from McClain, CEO of RetailWire, and Hernandez, Global Marketing Director of Shopper Insights at DemandTec, about the value of shopper insights and how these insights can be applied within merchandising, marketing, pricing, trade, product development, and other retail disciplines. Shopper-centric planning is becoming the norm for retailers and their trading partners. As a result, manufacturers and retailers must integrate shopper analytics at the point of decision into their merchandising, marketing, and trade planning processes.

The NARMS annual showcase event is right around the corner. If you have not already done so, visit the Conference Center at to view the value-packed agenda, register for conference and make your hotel arrangements. #NARMSCON482



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