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The Importance of Activating Your Membership with NARMS


What’s in a name? What’s in a brand? What is cause marketing and member activation? All of these buzz words have one common purpose: to increase the marketability of your product or service by means of co-branding with a non-profit trade organization which shares a common value or mission.

NARMS is your common value across the retail services industry. Every service category represented by our member companies has some connection to the mission of our Association. Below are three branding components validating the reason to co-brand: Differentiation, Credibility and Authenticity.

Differentiate your company from others by aligning with your non-profit trade association, thereby sharing a common message.

- Place the hyperlinked NARMS logo on your website to show your support of the Association and in return, receive positive public relations and additional marketing opportunities. Click here to download the NARMS logo and activate your membership!

Raise the credibility of your brand by partnering with your non-profit trade association, which then validates and enhances the values of your product or service.

- NARMScertifyU has been developed to provide your employees with the opportunity to improve their skills, gain broader retail knowledge and stand out from the crowd. Some member companies have co-branded with NARMScertifyU to promote this online learning center by placing the hyperlinked NARMScertifyU logo on their job board webpages. Click here to download the NARMScertifyU logo to promote these courses among your staff and field reps!

Authenticate your brand by attracting a wider audience through membership activation with your non-profit trade association.

- By placing our logo on your website, you are leveraging your relationship with NARMS, recognized throughout the retail services industry as the association for promoting and establishing industry standards, providing industry research and educating our member companies.

Click here to see which of our members are branding with us!


NARMS Announces Relocation of Headquarters to Broomfield, CO

June 27, 2012 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under News Releases

The National Association for Retail Marketing Services (NARMS International) will relocate their national headquarters from Stevens Point, WI to Broomfield, CO in July 2012. Their official address is 2095 West 6th Avenue, Suite 213, Broomfield, CO 80020 and the move will be completed by July 10th.

Executive Director Tom Caddell chose Broomfield as the future home of the retail trade association largely because Denver is fast becoming a major hub for corporate headquarters, especially those in the retail, manufacturer and allnatural foods industries.

About NARMS:
NARMS International is a global association, representing its members by providing a broad array of resources, innovative services, educational opportunities and accreditation and certification processes that help its membership become more effective & efficient within the retail industry. NARMS International’s members are as diverse as the retail industry itself, comprising merchandising service organizations (MSO), professional installation companies (PIC), event marketing and demonstration companies, and Associate members who provide special products and services to the members to manage their day-to-day businesses.

The Independent Food Brokers Association (IFBA) is a division of NARMS which caters to companies that provide outsourced and synergistic Head Quarter marketing and sales services to customers who sell food and non-food products.

Each year NARMS hosts a conference catering specifically to the at-retail services industry. The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference will be held from April 27-30, 2013 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, AZ. The IFBA hosts their annual Top-to-Top Executive Business Conference in Chicago in May.

To learn more about NARMS International or to become a member, please visit

Fiona Lipscomb
Director, Member Relations & Communications
Cell : 228.229.0350
Email : [email protected]



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