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Summer Issue of NARMS Today in Email Boxes Now!

August 14, 2009 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under Friday Focus

today709Not too long ago we told you about how NARMS Today was going digital. The proof arrived in email boxes shortly thereafter. The issue focuses on the question: where will NARMS new members come from? The answer is you. As usual this edition is jam packed with feature articles and columns from NARMS leadership, division leaders and topical experts. Today, we will focus on the content.

When you click on the link to view NARMS Today, you will be struck by the powerful functionality of the digital features. However, don’t let this distract you from the value packed content that make up its pages. NARMS Chair Don Kollar leads it off with, “Membership has its Privileges and Responsibilities.” NARMS President and CEO Dan Borschke then gives us a state of the association update in, “Sustainability is More Than a Green Condition.”

Event Marketing Division Chair Julie Nichols shares, “Important Lessons,” in the first of the divisional update columns. NARMS Vice President Ken McKenzie then encourages us in his Ken’s Keystrokes Column with, “Pursuing Your Field o Dreams.” Kelly Baker, Manufacturer’s Division Chair, strikes a musical cord with, “Do What You Do Well”. IFBA Division Chair Jim Hall then explains why, “Going Top to Top Gets Better and Better.”

Continuing the Divisional Chair columns, MSO leaders Steve Workman and Carlos Roca ask the question: “Why is Our Annual Spring Conference So Important?” PIC Division Chair Chuck Belding then encourages all of us to be flexible in, “Business as Usual…Not!” Associate Member Division Chair Charlie Fanning talks about his relatively new division in, “Get to Know Your Associates!”

And what NARMS today would be complete without some practical advice from the experts? William F. Kendy talks about, “The Importance of Building Rapport”, Jim Pancero continues his, “You Can Always Sell More” series, and Dave and Laura Butler offer, “The Mojo Chronicles, How to Stay Up in Down Times.”

Add the regular news, features and great photography and you get an issue that lives up to the high standards of the publication. Click here for your copy.

New Podcasts Available on NARMS Radio

May 15, 2009 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under Friday Focus

Things have been moving pretty fast at NARMS International as your trade association continues to uncover new offerings to bring even more value to the members of the at-retail merchandising and marketing industry. If you feel out of the loop or just want more information, a great way to catch up on new programs, speakers and events is to tune into the podcasts available at The podcasts, otherwise known as NARMS Radio, are quick six to ten minute radio style interviews designed to inform educate and entertain the listener.

Recently a whole new suite of podcasts have been added to the website. Here is a rundown on the new programs, hosted by Mark Hunter, now at NARMS Radio, “The Voice of the Retail Industry”

In, “The Effectiveness of Sampling,” Dr. Ken Herbst from Wake Forest University explains how a sampling event leads to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction. He discusses a recent demo he conducted and the various results that occurred.

“The First Six Feet of the Sale,” features Kreta Chandler of Retail Brand Strategies as she explains the concept of the “first 6 feet of the sale.” She states that 80% of consumers research, shop, and make their purchasing decisions based off of the information they obtain from the internet before they ever get to a store.

In, “Return on Retail Investment (RORI) Initiative,” Bart Flaherty of GroupM Business Science explains the industry initiative called Return on Retail Investment (RORI). It involves creating a framework built around how to make better shopper marketing decisions and measuring the return that each constituent gets from their shopper marketing activity.

“The RORI Project,” features Phil Lauria of Pelco Advisors as he discusses the relationship between NARMS, the University of Wisconsin Madison, and the RORI Project (Return on Retail Investment). He explains that NARMS members will be able to greatly benefit from the information obtained through the initiative.

In, “Personalizing Your Message for the Remote Employee,” WorkLife Performance Consulting’s David and Laura Butler discuss how to connect with and engage your employees when they are all over the world. They propose different ways to personalize your message through the use of technology.

“Trends in the Organic Food Industry,” spotlights Natural and Organic Food Industry consultant Ken Vickerstaff as he discusses the highlights of what a panel shared at the 2009 NARMS Convention. He defines the term “organic” and how the label is regulated.

In, “Income Statement” vs. “Balance Sheet” Shoppers,” Bryan Gildenberg of MVI explains the difference between two types of consumers: the “income statement” shopper and the “balance sheet” shopper. He shares how these varied perspectives influence the purchasing decisions of the consumer.

“The In-Store Implementation Network,” features Jamie Tenser as he discusses the big findings of the In-Store Implementation Network. He details the current overstock and out-of-stock issues, and proposes ways to deal with them in the future.

In, “Winning the Battle for Shopper Dollars,” Alex Richardson of Selling Machine Partners explains what he sees currently happening at retail. He shares how the state of the economy has made it a battleground for shopper dollars and then explains the ways he believes retailers can win over their competition.

And in, “ and Other Benefits on the Web,” Gerard McLean of Rivershark, Inc, explains many ways that the site benefits the NARMS membership and shares some of its recent statistics. McLean gives advice on how members can take advantage of the web and how to best merchandise your website.

You can listen to NARMS Radio by clicking on the podcasts tab located on the upper left of NARMS home page.

Webinar is Window into Remote Workforce Issues

April 17, 2009 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under Friday Focus

The NARMS Webinar Series continues next week with a visit from Dave and Laura Butler as they look at a Window into Remote Workforce Issues of the 21st Century. This is an encore performance from the sessions that the Butlers held at Spring Conference. On Tuesday, April 21 at 1:00 p.m. CDT, they will shed light on some keys to getting exceptional performance out of remote workforce members. The NARMS Webinar series is sponsored by NaturalInsight and brought to you through the technology of ReadyTalk. Click on the link below for the rest of the story. NARMS 4/17/09

The definition of “workplace” is quickly changing as well as the definition of “workforce”. Some innovative companies are “crowdsourcing” for talent and expertise while others have a mix of remote and in place staff. A business can slash overhead expenses by leveraging a remote workforce, but it introduces a new set of challenges. If left unchecked, these challenges can lead to poor internal communication, inefficient processes, and an ambivalent company culture.

During the hour long event, you will be shown how to ensure maximum efficiency, and maintain your company’s goals and objectives with those employees that you never see. Dave and Laura Butler of WorkLife Performance Consulting are researching, speaking and consulting with companies in all industries on this emerging and critical topic. In their webinar they will open a “window” on these present and future challenges as well as share some suggestions and best practices you can use immediately.

David Butler has established himself as an authority in leadership development, executive coaching, and team building and communication skills. His extensive client list includes many Fortune 100 companies. As Director of Program Development for Worklife Performance Consulting, Laura Butler has designed, delivered and enhanced a number of personal development and performance enhancing seminars & webinars. Her extensive experience in the growing field of emotional intelligence has earned her a reputation for insight, creativity and inspiration.

The webinar is complimentary to NARMS members as a membership service but is also available to other interested persons at a non-member rate of $99.95. We encourage you to share this opportunity with co-workers both in your headquarters and in the field. We hope you’ll join us Tuesday for what is sure to be another value packed event.


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