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Sole Retail Marketing Non-Profit Rebrands Its Image on February 1st

February 8, 2013 by WorldAlliance Editor  
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NARMS President Tom Caddell Calls It “An Evolution”

Denver, CO. – “This change is not just a name change. It’s truly an evolution. Our new name goes along with our new vision, mission and objectives.” With those statements, Tom Caddell, Executive Director of NARMS International ( announced today the February 1st launch of a rebranding of the 17-year-old non-profit organization. “In the past, NARMS did not take the steps necessary to be recognized in the industry or the media. Within our trade association, our members knew the name NARMS, certainly, but the industry as a whole didn’t know what we did, how we did it and what we stood for. We’ve spent significant time determining our current and future relevancy in a challenging and ever-changing marketplace. A rebranding initiative, based on a new name, was imperative.”

worldalliancesm4cweb1 Effective February 1st, NARMS International becomes World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards. The name was selected based on the organization’s vision to be the driving force behind at-retail collaboration and standards, as well as nationally and internationally recognized as a thought leader within the retail industry. “Our new mission is simply to expand collaboration across the entire retail spectrum, thereby providing a format that fosters continuous improvement in service execution, customer experience and change management for all parties. It’s time to bring more value so everyone, from the retailer to the manufacturer and, ultimately, the consumer, receives the very best in products and services.” Caddell went on to explain that the member-supported non-profit will provide the “first ever” accredited retail certification program based on a code of standards, policies and procedures. In addition, the organization will provide workforce education and training, an enhanced job board known as the, invaluable resources and a clearinghouse for research. He also emphasized an initiative to reach out to, and establish relationships, with the media, particularly the trade publications.

Caddell enthuses: “Retail is a rapidly-changing industry, subject to constantly-evolving technology, globalization and marketplace saturation with unprecedented levels of consumer influence. We must be forward thinking so our members remain relevant. And, our change is good, for the industry overall but more importantly for our members as we build a platform that supports ethical, professional company responsibility. The timing just couldn’t be better to acknowledge our legacy while also moving forward, embracing the dynamic future ahead.”

World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards ( - currently under development), formerly NARMS International, is a non-profit organization, based in Denver, that brings together all sectors of the retail industry: retailers, manufacturers, independent food and non-food brokers, wholesalers and distributors, retail service companies and support service members. Together, they are an alliance of at-retail companies entrusted with delivering exceptional sales, marketing and service support to B2C manufacturers, retailers and their customers, across all channels.

Build a Better Workforce with NARMScertifyU

narmscertifyulogo2Ever wonder how you could train your entire at-retail merchandising and marketing field force in industry standards without having to make a huge expenditure in time and money? The answer has been here since March 2, 2010 when NARMScertifyU went live. NARMScertifyU is the official NARMS online learning center that is already built and waiting for increased use. Since its launch date, the service has been accessed by thousands of reps who want to improve their skill sets, retail knowledge and marketability to NARMS members. Even though the initial response has been good, imagine an expanded labor pool in which the majority of reps earn certificates of completion.

By promoting and pushing enrollment in NARMScertifyU out to your field reps, you will enhance your reps skill set, improve workforce quality and productivity, reduce workforce turnover and promote NARMS industry standards. By looking for and hiring reps that carry a NARMScertifyU certificate you will be hiring individuals with improved skill sets, increase job satisfaction and broader retail knowledge. These marketing reps obtain higher visibility within for job postings so great people will be easy to find.

Here is the way it works. Online courses can be accessed by your reps anywhere and anytime by registering at There are currently eight different courses available including Retail Visit Excellence, Merchandising Standards, Demonstrations, Event Marketing, Fixture Installation, Mystery Shopping, Train the Trainer, Team Lead Skills. The rep simply selects and completes the course to earn a certificate of completion. Their NARMS Recruiter profile is automatically updated with the increased level of knowledge. So far the Retail Visit Excellence course has been the most popular with 32% of the traffic followed by the Train the Trainer course at 30%.

The responsibility to build a better workforce is on all of us. At only $15 per course, NARMScertifyU is a quick, easy and inexpensive option for both you and your field reps. Please pass along and promote the availability of this tremendous resource to your field personnel today.



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