Stunning Changes Ahead for Supermarkets


It is not a newsflash that the 2012 FMI Conference is going on this week in Dallas. The trade press is covering it like a blanket with Supermarket News doing a particularly thorough job reporting on the event. Today, we will focus in on comments made by Leslie G. Sarasin, the president and chief executive officer of FMI.

If we read and listen closely, there is a call to be part of what Sarasin describes as stunning changes ahead for the industry. She says that retailers must adapt to changes in consumer attitudes and technology to survive and thrive. That sounds like good advice for the members of the at-retail merchandising and marketing service industry as well.

Among some of her remarks to a general session at the event: Conventional supermarkets are the choice of 64 percent of shoppers, which is the lowest level in years. The number of shoppers who look for discounts has risen from 60 to 80 percent, an increase of 19 million people. Fifty-five percent of shoppers are learning to live with less, a jump from 42 percent, or 15 million people. Shoppers who buy private label products rose to 78 percent from 64 percent, an increase of 16 million people.

Sarasin added that better than half of shoppers go online prior to one in four shopping trips or use mobile technologies in the store. Online purchases totaled $12 billion in 2010 and will reach $25 billion by 2014. Two percent of those purchases involved CPG products. Supercenters, dollar stores, convenience stores and clubs have added 150 million square feet since 2005, while traditional grocery stores have not increased square footage.

Regarding these game changing events, she says sometimes the limits in our own experiences prevent us from grasping the importance of what is happening right before our eyes. As service providers to retailers and to manufacturers, we must keep pace with the observations and resulting actions of our customers. It is then that the members of NARMS become agents of change.


April 27, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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Below is the list of articles you will find for the week ending 4/27/12 edition of Retail Industry News.

- FMI Announces Final Contenders In 2012 Chef Showdown
- Calculating the Size of Walmart
- Publix Said To Be Testing Digital Coupons
- Walmart Offers Online Customers Ability To Pay Cash
- FastNewsBeat
- Executive Suite

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Helping New Products Beat the Odds


According to the SymphonyIRI Group 2011 New Product Pacesetters report, new products are the lifeblood of the CPG industry, with 22 percent of consumers looking for new products to try. The Pacesetters report is an industry-recognized benchmark analysis of exceptional first-year CPG sales success for newly launched products. The report finds that successful launches and true innovation, regardless of the size of the manufacturer, are rooted in the ability to listen and respond to the consumer and gain an intimate knowledge of their needs and wants.

At-retail merchandising and marketing industry professionals know the kind of odds that new products are up against. They have been helping CPG manufacturers and retailers cut-in new products at the retail shelf for decades now. As the report points out, current economic conditions have made the environment even more difficult and complex.

Among sectors that had high levels of successful launches for 2011 was candy and gum. Successful launches in this sector accounted for 19 percent of food New Product Pacesetters dollars. For non-foods, innovative beauty and personal care products, green friendly household products, and enhanced pet-care products also made a dent.

Successful new product launches aim to bring innovative products to consumers and thereby increase brand loyalty and market share. Huge amounts of development dollars are spent to bring these products to market. Ironically, it is the last few feet to the shelf that often times contribute to the success or failure of a new product. For a fraction of the cost of the product development, assurances can be put into place to remove this variable.

The members of NARMS can help trading partners stack the deck and beat the odds by cutting-in new product on the shelf and making sure any supporting POP or end-cap displays are built within the time frame of a well coordinated launch. Professionally executed sampling and demos of new products have proven to be an effective tool in raising awareness for a new product. These services assure consistent roll-out across multiple geographies and multiple channels, bringing the sales lift and return-on-investment sooner.

Click here to download your copy of the SymphonyIRI Group 2011 New Product Pacesetters report.

April 20, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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Below is the list of articles you will find for the week ending 4/20/12 edition of Retail Industry News.

- Whole Foods Exec Promises Detroit That New Store There Will Be The Whole Deal
- How Technology Is Changing The Shopping Experience
- Sansolo Speaks: Management in the Age of Transparency
- Supervalu Makes Top Exec Moves At Three Chains
- Southern California Seeing a Price War Resurgence
- Urban Deserts? More Like Urban Oases, According To New Studies
- Giant, Martin’s Initiate Obesity-Fighting Activities For Kids
- FastNewsBeat
- The MNB Wal-Mart Watch

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Connection Session Brings it all Home


The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC) concluded earlier this week with a Manufacturer/Retailer Connection Session that managed to bring all the over-arching themes and key learnings of the four-day conference into remarkable clarity. The forum used a panel format and was moderated by Art Turock. Turock also served as a keynote speaker on day three of the event.

The five member panel consisted of two retailers and three manufacturers and presented a variety of product, channel and market share viewpoints. Among the panel was Aaron Sims, Director of Sales for Ghirardelli Chocolate Company; Erin Meagher, Founder of Kelapo Coconut; Joe Brumfield, Planning and Merchandising Specialist for AMPM; Chris Herb, Director of National Merchandising for LEGO Systems, Inc. and Ed Sanchez, Sr. Director, In-Store Environment – Merchandising for The Home Depot.

Turock built off his keynote address and started a lively discussion of what represented competent service versus what stands out as truly elite performance. Many of the panel answers revolved around the issues of training, high standards, professionalism and quality. The tone seemed to highlight a need for accreditation and the conference-wide emphasis on the value of NARMScertifyU. Engaged field reps, member companies and their customers can benefit from augmented field training and adoption of industry wide standards through the use of the official on-line training center of the Association.

Prior to conference, a call was made for members to actively engage, be challenged, and sit face to face with peers as we build and re-organize NARMS. The Connection Session served as a launching point for this renewal as audience members actively participated in a lively discussion and panel members graciously sought their input. Keynote addresses by Daniel Shapiro on building effective teams and the art of negotiation, and Vince Lombardi, Jr. on motivation, toughness and commitment provided an essential element and the basis for the discussion.

Members departed the conference by bringing home a valuable four-day experience that provided unique thought leadership and ideas for their individual organizations and a renewed sense of purpose and value for the trade association. The 2013 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference presented by NARMS will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona next April. More details will become available in the weeks and months ahead. #RMMC533 #RMMC560 #RMMC559 #RMMC533


April 13, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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- Canada To Review Whether Target Stores There Will Sell Enough Canadian Product
- Sansolo Speaks: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line
- Safeway Gets A New President
- Usage Of Starbucks Mobile Payment Program Grows Exponentially
- Fighting The Showrooming Trend At Store Level
- BJ’s Expands Local Produce Initiative
- Sephora Looks For The Beauty In Technology Solutions
- FastNewsBeat
- The MNB Wal-Mart Watch
- Executive Suite

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On the Road to RMMC


This column finds many of you about to embark on your trip to Tampa for The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC) starting this weekend at Saddlebrook Resort. By now you have seen the agenda, know about the keynote speakers and the sessions you want to attend. As an additional incentive to attend, Capital Partners is offering a chance to win a four day cruise to anywhere in the world for our members. There will be more information on how you can participate in the raffle at the registration desk. At the risk of being repetitive, here are a few things we would like to ask attendees of RMMC and all NARMS members to consider.

-To actively engage, be challenged, and sit face to face with your peers as we build and re-organize NARMS.

-To help forge a path to the future.

-To create the kind of dialogue that brings life to an organization.

-Plan together strategies for what NARMS will look like in 3-5yrs.

In short, your association and the RMMC need you. This is a dynamic conference that begs for participation, with substantial opportunity for give and take on subjects that have immediate relevancy to your business. Your voice, ideas, input, point-of-view, experiences and opinions are crucial to the vitality of the conference and the Association. NARMS needs at least one voice in attendance from every member company, no matter the size, if we are to clearly understand your perspective and hear your needs.

We have said it before, but it is worth repeating. If you have registered, come with the notion to engage and interact like never before. If you have not already registered, the only thing missing is you! The agenda and conference registration, as well as sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for the 2012 RMMC are available now at the Conference Center on We look forward to seeing you at Saddlebrook! #RMMC560 #RMMC561

April 6, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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Below is the list of articles you will find for the week ending 4/6/12 edition of Retail Industry News.

- Whole Foods To No Longer Sell Red-Rated, Endangered Seafood
- Sansolo Speaks: Taking Competitive Zeal To New And Inappropriate Heights
- Onstead Ruminates About The Newly Merged Winn-Dixie / BiLo Company
- Amazon Looking To Generate New Revenue Through CPG Sales
- Easter Bunny May Be Bringing Higher Sales To Retailers
- FastNewsBeat
- The MNB Wal-Mart Watch
- Executive Suite

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Meet Fiona Lipscomb


Another exciting development occurred this week as anticipation builds for The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC). NARMS announced that Fiona Lipscomb was named Director of Member Relations and Communications. In this newly created role, Lipscomb will serve as the central liaison between the association and its retail merchandising and marketing industry members; be responsible for membership retention, renewal and recruitment; and assist members to fully realize the value of their affiliation with NARMS through multiple communication channels.

Lipscomb comes to NARMS with a wealth of relevant business experience related to managing relationships with large national and international groups. For the last five years, she served as Regional Director for the American Heart Association. Prior to that, she was the Convention Services Manager for the Beau Rivage, an MGM Mirage hotel and casino property in Biloxi, MS. She began her career at EuroDisney Paris where she served in the Convention Services department, which led to a position as the International Sales and Conventions Manager at Sun City Resort, South Africa.

Lipscomb holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Johannesburg and a Certified Meeting Professional designation through the Convention Industry Council. She currently resides in Biloxi along with her two sons, ages 14 and 11.

You can contact her by calling NARMS at 1-888-52-NARMS or emailing to [email protected] You can also meet her next week at The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC) to be held on April 14 – 17, 2012 at Saddlebrook Resort near Tampa. Lipscomb will be one of leaders of the NARMS Learning Session, “Exploring the Total Value of Tools that Go with Your NARMS Membership.” The session will be held on Monday, April 16th at 1:30. The agenda and conference registration, as well as sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for the 2012 RMMC are available now at the Conference Center on #RMMC555

Mar 30, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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Below is the list of articles you will find for the week ending 3/30/12 edition of Retail Industry News.

- Wegmans Lauded For People Focus That Serves As Primary Differentiation
- Sansolo Speaks: Communication, Networking and Sales
- Hotels Use Food Trucks To Extend Brand, Grow Sales
- Wegmans Looking At Downtown Boston For Possible New Store
- Food Lion Launches New Brand Strategy
- In Twin Cities Face Off, Cub Seems To Concede Price Advantage To Walmart
- WinCo Opens In Vegas, And Generates A Little More Action, Please
- FastNewsBeat
- The MNB Wal-Mart Watch
- Executive Suite

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