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FAQs - Reps

How do I join NARMS?
People seeking employment do not join NARMS but can use our website resources to find a job.

Can you send me an employment application?
We do not have an employment application nor do we accept resumes. We are a trade association and do not hire personnel but our nearly 500 members do. The JobBank and The Recruiter will help you connect with them.

Can I email or send my resume to NARMS members?
Do not broadcast emails with your resume to NARMS member companies. The people receiving the emails are not human resource personnel, and they simply delete your email so your effort is not productive.

How do I register in The Recruiter?
The Recruiter is an email-based connection between NARMS members with job opportunities and merchandisers/field event personnel seeking employment. You can Submit a Data Profile in The Recruiter, located on top menu at under the dark blue FIND JOBS menu. Complete the online form, read the Terms and Conditions, and submit the profile. After you submit your profile, you need to Log in to your Data Profile on a regular basis to visit your home page.

What is my home page?
All job notices you receive from NARMS members are sent to your home page. You can read and reply to the job listings on your home page. You can also view messages from the NARMS National Office and access NARMS Certify U. We strongly recommend that you log into your data profile often because that is how we can tell if you are still actively seeking employment.

Recruiters want to receive more than Yes, I am interested in the job when you respond to their job opportunities. Send them information about why you are interested in the job, your skills/experience relating to the job, and a current resume if requested.

I moved and am still seeing jobs from my old state. How do I see new jobs for where I live now?
The jobs listed on your Rep Home Page were selected to be sent to your rep page by the NARMS member company. They are linked to your profile. As they expire, they will drop off your home page naturally. As the NARMS member companies search using your new location, you will find that you will see jobs for your new location. Newer jobs always appear at the top of the list and are dated accordingly. While you are waiting for NARMS member companies to find you in your new home, you can always search through the JobBank for new opportunities.

How can I change my profile or delete it?
When you need to change or update your profile, select Log into your Data Profile under The Recruiter. You will be taken to your Home Page where you can modify your profile. You can also Remove your Data Profile when you are no longer actively seeking employment.

Does NARMS provide training for field personnel?
Training is available through Online courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime, so you learn at your pace. Become an industry expert by earning course certificates. Each certificate earned leads to more exposure and credibility in your work. Increasing your retail knowledge will improve your job satisfaction and overall success!

Is it to my benefit to have more than one profile in The Recruiter?
Do not enter a second profile. Having more than one profile in The Recruiter actually diminishes your chances of being contacted by companies with job opportunities because NARMS members are skeptical of multiple profile entries for the same person.

Are there other ways to look for jobs on the NARMS website?
NARMS members and nonmembers post open field positions in the JobBank located on It is a classified job listing much like those placed in newspapers.
You can search the JobBank by selecting one of the five service sector buttons, by job category, by region or state, or by keyword. Search logic is or/and. The or search will return listings that match at least one criteria. The and search will return only those listings that match all criteria. You must click on the job number to open the job description and instructions on how to apply for the position.

You can view open positions with companies that have the JobBank Showcase by clicking on the buttons identified by company logos at the very top of the JobBank search page. Only that individual companys job openings are showcased on a bridge page when clicking on a button. Clicking on the link below the company logo on the bridge page takes you to the companys recruitment site.

You should respond to postings as specified in the company ad. Be sure to email/fax a current resume if required by the firm. Do not respond to the ad if you cannot work in the specified geographic area/areas. Company recruiters do not like receiving responses to positions open in California from people living in Florida, Texas, etc.


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