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Apollo Retail Specialists Acquire Action Retail Services of Fullerton, CA

May 14, 2013 by WorldAlliance Editor  
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Tampa, FL – April 1, 2013,
Apollo Retail Specialists is pleased to announce that they have acquired Action Retail Services of Fullerton, California. This acquisition strengthens both organizations and increases our excellence at retail for our clients. Action brings Apollo the merchandising leadership of John Gillis, along with his team of additional experienced professional merchandisers to the Apollo team. Apollo also will add support to the Action team with its field organization of over 4,000.

All members of the Action team will join Apollo and the team will continue to operate out of its current offices in Fullerton, CA. Apollo Retail Specialists is the leading retail service agency for retailer remodels and resets. The addition of Action and John Gillis allows us to accelerate the growth of our merchandising division to become a leader there as well.

In combination with Apollo, Action will now be able to serve its clients nationally with the same quality service they have been providing in its current market.

“I am very excited about adding John Gillis and his team to the Apollo family. This is an important step in the continual development of our commitment to excellence at retail,” Mike Sunderland, President and CEO, Apollo Retail Specialists. As part of this transaction, John Gillis will assume the role of Director of Merchandising and Client Services of Apollo.

“We see Apollo as the perfect fit to allow our team to grow and have full national capabilities, and to offer an exciting future to our clients and our associates. Apollo shares our passion for retail excellence and we are proud to partner with Mike Sunderland and his team,” John Gillis, Action Retail.

About Action Retail:
Action Retail Services, Inc. is an efficient, reliable Merchandising Services Organization headquartered in Fullerton, California. We offer expanded retail services and specialized functions that personify all aspects of your retail driven initiative; this includes remodels, category resets, merchandising projects and ongoing retail coverage of over 1000 stores monthly. We offer our quality retail service solution in all classes of retail trade. Our customer base consists of Brokers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Chain Grocery, Drug, Mass Merchandisers, and Convenience Stores. In addition to having full reset crews and top-notch field service reps available, we are fully capable of handling blitz needs for multiple projects in multiple retailers.

About Apollo Retail Specialists:
Apollo Retail Specialists is a national retail service organization supplying third party retail services to leading retailers and leading consumer brands throughout the United States and Canada. The Apollo team is supported by its corporate team in the Tampa, Florida office as well as field offices in Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Mooresville, North Carolina; and now Fullerton, California.

NARMS Welcomes New IFBA Member

October 10, 2012 by Newsfeed Editor  
Filed under News Finds

KCB Corporation has joined NARMS as a member of the Independent Food Brokers. Operating in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, KCB Corporation Headquarter Sales Service, Category Management Analysis and Continuity Coverage. They operate with Mass Market Retailers, Food Distributors, Full Service Food Grocery Stores with merchandise ranging from Beverage Products, Dairy, Dry Grocery and Frozen Foods. NARMS 10/10/12

Mar 9, 2012 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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- The Evolving American Consumer Faces Post-Recession Realities
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- Kroger Looks To Charge It Up In Texas
- Subscription Model Seen As Kind Of Panacea For Retail Business
- Walmart To Add More Self-Checkout Lanes
- Walmart Looks To Solve Out-of-Stock Issues To Increase Sales
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Nov 25, 2011 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

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- Sansolo Speaks: Boldly Go…Everywhere
- Seattle Considering Ban On Plastic Bags, Fee For Paper Bags
- Texas Supermarket Chain Partners In Cancer Treatment, Prevention Effort
- Survey: Retailers With Best Customer Service
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CROSSMARK Named A Top Technology Innovator For Second Consecutive Year

September 26, 2011 by WorldAlliance Editor  
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PLANO, TX — CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry, has been named to InformationWeek’s list of top 250 innovators, part of the InformationWeek500.
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Summer Meeting Season Upon Us

July 15, 2009 by Editor  
Filed under Top Shelf

gaylordatriumAfter just having completed the summer MSO Division Committee meeting yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to bring the membership up-to-date on the types of things that your leadership group is up to. The meeting took place on Monday and Tuesday, July 13 and 14, in Grapevine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Conference Center. The meeting kicks off our mid-year meeting schedule which culminates in NARMS Summer Board of Directors Meeting during the last week of July in Bloomington, Minnesota.

During our time in Texas, our MSO Division was called to order at 1:00 PM on Monday and immediately broke into a very lively and productive afternoon session. The first order of business was to hear from Chris Dammann who presented a preliminary look at the 2009 Survey of At-Retail Merchandising and Marketing Practices. Dammann shared the results of the survey, some key findings that the data seems to indicate and the next steps toward publishing the results in a few weeks. There is still an opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to participate, so if you know of a contact who would like to help us out, please direct them to these links: Manufacturer Survey, Retailer Survey.

Phil Lauria next took the podium and delivered an update on the landmark RORI Study. Lauria briefed the committee on activity that has been taking place since the announcement of the project during 2009 Spring Conference. In general, RORI is generating tremendous interest in the marketplace with many key players lining up to participate. Those interested in participating should contact Dan Borschke for details. Lauria also shared a timeline for the project leading up to the 2010 Spring Conference.

The afternoon finished out with Vicki Alarie sharing some feedback from our Manufacturers Division. Alarie facilitated the division’s roundtable discussions at the 2009 Spring Conference and has been in close contact with the members since that time. The feedback centered on how manufacturers feel the Association can be of better service, how Spring Conference could be improved, and general observations of the marketplace. Incidentally, the information shared by Alarie closely tracked with information shared by Dammann earlier. The discussions led directly into Lauria again addressing the group on additions to the NARMS Strategic Plan that he plans to share with the Board of Directors in Minneapolis.

On Tuesday morning, the group was brought up-to-date on the state of the Association and spent the balance of the morning discussing and making plans for the MSO agenda at the 2010 Spring Conference.

On Tuesday-Thursday, July 28-30, the NARMS Board of Directors will be meeting in the Minneapolis area at the Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington. I will share more about the three day agenda in the near future. One of the more exciting items is a Manufacturer/Retailer Reception scheduled for Tuesday evening. This is designed to introduce new Trading Partners members to the organization. If you have a contact in the Twin Cities area that you think would be interested in attending and meeting association leadership, please pass along this invitation. NARMS 7/15/09

Inviting Manufacturers and Retailers to Kick the Tires of Membership

June 3, 2009 by Editor  
Filed under Top Shelf

As the membership of NARMS has become more diverse over the years, we created individual service divisions within the at-retail merchandising and marketing sector to suit a more defined approach. It goes without saying that the Manufacturer and Retailer Division perspective is an extremely important part of the mix. These trading partners not only provide the customer insight on needs and wants at-retail, but many also operate field organizations of their own. With this in mind, we are holding two events this summer in conjunction with already existing board and committee meetings to attract new members and grow this vital division.

July will bring two Retailer/Manufacturer Receptions planned to introduce prospective members to the benefits of NARMS. The first will be held in conjunction with the MSO Divisional Committee meeting on Monday, July 13th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Ama Lur Patio inside the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas. A second event will be held in conjunction with our summer Board of Directors meeting and is scheduled for Bloomington, Minnesota on Tuesday, July 28th from 6:00 – 8:00 at the Napa Valley Grille in the Mall of America.

Both of these areas feature prominent retailing and manufacturing companies who would make great additions to our association. We would appreciate you sharing an invitation for the events with your contacts both in the Metroplex and Twin Cities area. Only through an intermediary such as you will we be able to attract the right people for this event.

These receptions are a tremendous opportunity to expand our experience base. As a member, here is your opportunity to make a tremendous contribution by helping us extend the invitation to contacts that are located in and around these key centers of retailing. We are confident that if we can attract potential members to kick the tires of membership, they will see the value and want to be a part of our active and vital organization.

Nov. 28, 2008 IRI/Morning NewsBeat

December 1, 2008 by Editor  
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IRI / MorningNewsBeat

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► Christmas Got Run Over By A Recession
► Food Prices At Center Of Economic Debate
► C-Store Chain Adopts Private Label Strategy
► Sansolo Speaks: Cliff Hangers
► Nimble Sunflower Eyes Aggressive Texas Expansion
► Cash In, Credit Out: Consumer Habits Change
► FastNewsBeat
► The MNB Wal-Mart Watch
► The Balance Sheet
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Embracing Inclusion in Ethnic Retailing

November 19, 2008 by Editor  
Filed under News Finds, Top Shelf

As retailers and manufacturers stare down the reality that even early Black Friday sales may not be enough to lift them out of dark economic times, the optimist in me is looking for some good news. There has to be some good things happening out there. Then I happened along an editorial by Supermarket News Editor-in-Chief David Orgel who has written about the momentum surrounding Ethnic Retailing. Indeed, recent news points to expanded initiatives catering to Hispanic customers from Sam’s Club, Nash Finch, Food Lion and United Supermarkets. Orgel says that these are more than just demographic trends and the fact that retailers are spending significant capital on new formats during tough economic times supports his conclusion.

The key to the recent success of the ethnic format is inclusion. What may have started as a niche concept has quickly evolved as a way to grow overall base by catering to the needs of the Hispanic and other ethnic communities, and yet still invite in the mainstream shopper to experience new items.

What this may be nurturing is a new playing field for our customers and an opportunity for us to provide at-retail merchandising and marketing programs to support them. As Orgel point out, “Ethnic retailing is a sector that is far from maturing, isn’t hurt by new competition and appears to thrive in any economy. How many other sectors can you name that meet all of those criteria?” While much of his commentary zeroes in on the Hispanic market, he is quick to point out that many of the same points can apply to other ethnic segments. The increase in options has proven to be an enticement for mainstream shoppers to visit stores more often.

Since capital expenditures, format expansions, category resets, and new item introductions have a positive result on the business generated by NARMS International members, it behooves us all to become better versed on the retailers and manufacturers that are choosing this path to build their base business. Applying the principle of “Inclusion” could open up doors that go well beyond a niche or a fad.

Oct 10, 2008 IRI / NewsBeat

October 14, 2008 by Editor  
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IRI / MorningNewsBeat
Below is the list of articles you will find for the week ending 10/10/08 edition of Retail Industry News. _ Safeway’s Burd Gets SPIRIT Award
_ Meijer Bulks Up Its E-Commerce Business
_ The Double-Edged Sword Of Coping With A Down Economy
_ FMI Names Frozen Food Trade Association Exec As New CEO
_ FastNewsBeat
_ The MNB Wal-Mart Watch
_ The Balance Sheet
_ Executive Suite
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