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RFP Warehouse Connects Trading Partners

May 16, 2013 by Newsfeed Editor  


Perhaps nothing brings more excitement and anxiety in the at-retail merchandising and marketing industry than responding to a retailer or manufacturer issued RFP. We have all had good and bad experiences with the process, and at times wished there was a better way. One thing is for sure, when it comes to getting some great new business, we all want a chance to show what we can do and how our company fits the proposal.

Another common issue that members come across is the great variety of ways that RFPs are issued and the disparity in what is required to respond. Many times, it feels like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards is about to help with these issues as part of seven key programs to be launched with its new website. The new web presence will be launched soon.

The RFP Warehouse will provide opportunity for companies issuing RFPs to link directly to Association member companies interested in responding to the project criteria. Membership is not required to post an RFP, but only members can search for and elect to be notified about upcoming business opportunities. It is a great benefit of membership.

The Retailer and Manufacturer Advisory Councils are currently working alongside the association team to develop standards for the RFP process in our industry category. The Association and its leadership believe that a standardized system will take the guesswork out of the process and give a clear view as to the companies that best fit the opportunity.

The RFP Warehouse is being designed as the definitive resource for responding to opportunities. There will be links to information on writing RFPs, responding to RFPs and more. Members will also have the ability to opt-in for email notifications when new ones are posted.

Retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to simplify the process to validate the companies they choose to do business with. In the future, the RFP Warehouse will compliment and work in concert with the Gold Standard Certification process. Certification will eventually become an important part of qualifying for new business.


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