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Performance Showcase to Enhance Member Profiles

May 9, 2013 by Newsfeed Editor  


In an enhanced effort to bring more attention to the skills and abilities of our members, World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards will be including a Performance Showcase as part of seven key programs to launch with our new website. These seven steps where recently previewed at the Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC). The new website is in final stages of development and will be ready soon.

Information for this section will come directly from our member profiles, but will be an energized version of the current expanded company listing. Members will be able to update most areas of their profile without any administrative assistance by simply signing in.

The Performance Showcase ties in directly with your status on Gold Standard Certification and provides background information on your company in such areas as: channel experience, geo service area, service specialization, examples of past work, company size, workforce statistics, service type, official registration type, HQ and division location, years in service, industry/SIC and key contact information.

Potential customers can find your Showcase by using a search function that will include much more information than currently available. There will also be an endorsement feature so your clients can endorse your performance for others to see.

The whole idea is to give retailers and manufacturers the tools they need to find the right service company to match the right opportunity while improving your chances to gain that business. Also, the Performance Showcase will allow the Association to raise the profile and importance of at-retail merchandising and marketing activities in the retail environment.

The Association is in the middle of an extensive research and development transition in regards to several key initiatives all designed to give you, the members, greater value and relevancy. We are counting on your patience, involvement and cooperation as together we shape the future of our industry.


One Response to “Performance Showcase to Enhance Member Profiles”

  1. Bruce Wisener on July 10th, 2013 2:39 pm

    Exactly the kind of thing we have been hoping for from our trade group! Can’t wait to see it live!

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