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Retail Technology Firm Natural Insight Simplifies Retail Execution with Automated Workflow

May 14, 2013 by WorldAlliance Editor  

Tens of thousands of retail workers can now turn field reporting into automatic immediate actions for high-quality improvement.

STERLING, VA, April 8, 2013 — Natural Insight®, a private retail technology company engaged in workforce management, today announced the release of NI WorkFlow, a significant set of new cloud-based capabilities. With this latest improvement to the Natural Insight platform, in-store reports from retail workers now generate immediate automated actions to improve retail execution and promotional results. With users completing hundreds of thousands of retail assignments monthly, improving compliance at the store level reduces issue response time that has an immediate impact on sales.

According to many retail studies and data compiled by Natural Insight, as much as much as 30% if promotional results are being lost due to poor in-store execution. Timely response to dynamic in-store conditions has always been a challenge for retailers, and reacting to data from thousands of locations has simply taken too long.

“This has been a challenge for as long as I’ve worked in the retail industry” stated Stefan Midford, CEO of Natural Insight. “By integrating field reporting with preconfigured, automated actions, NI Workflow enables out-of-stock alerts for action in minutes, not days. In addition, we have completely automated the methods to immediately schedule corrective action, driven by the data from an in-store worker.”

Bart Flaherty, CEO of analytics company Optimization Partners, stated “This is another significant step in the ongoing evolution of retail, and the changes which are necessary for retailers to catch up with modern shopping habits. Consumers have a choice to shop online or in town. When it comes to purchases, they want to quickly receive their products. Retailers and manufacturers who can immediately resolve issues on the sales floor will be the winners. NI WorkFlow simplifies and speeds their ability to respond by linking data to execution, using a turn-key technology platform.”

In addition to its fully-managed and hosted solution, Natural Insight reduces the burden on IT by providing staging, configuration, and on-going monitoring of iPads for use on the sales floor. Delivering on its promise of out-of-the-box task management, Natural Insight can setup the iPads and ship them to the field fully equipped with secured mounts, instructions, and everything needed to get up-and-running in minutes.

About Natural Insight
Natural Insight is a private retail technology company with a distinguishing feature – outstanding user loyalty to the product. The company’s innovative, cloud-based platform significantly improves sales, reduces overhead and provides real-time workforce activity feedback that motivates high performance. Through an integrated suite of solutions focused on scheduling, task management, analytics and timekeeping, large numbers of workers are empowered to complete assignments with significantly less effort. Providing services across a broad cross-section of the retail industry, Natural Insight is used by major retailers and servicing companies to improve execution and manage in-store merchandising, assisted sales, magazine and book distribution, product demos, and store audits. Visit

About Optimization Partners
Optimization Partners is a technology, data and analytics firm that helps its clients improve sales and marketing results. Bart Flaherty can be reached at [email protected] or (203) 482-9993.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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Media Contacts:
Stefan Midford, President & CEO
Natural Insight
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