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C-Store Study Seeks Understanding

April 10, 2012 by Newsfeed Editor  


More shopper research derived insight was shared when NACS and the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) released, Growth, Using Shopper Research to Grow C-Store Sales.” In this study, the trade groups attempt to understand what shoppers say will get them to spend more at convenience store outlets. You can hear what key trading partners are saying by attending The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC), held April 14 – 17, 2012 at Saddlebrook Resort near Tampa.

The NACS/CCRC report is broken down into four parts. Part One defines shopper research. Shopper research focuses on understanding the shopping occasion. The report explains that this differs from consumer research which seeks to understand how consumers use the product.

Part Two uses in-depth shopper research to define the hierarchy of shopper needs. The main point is that retailers and manufacturers need to deliver on basic shopper needs such as safety, cleanliness, and hospitality before going after higher-level needs of simplicity and ease or time enrichment.

Part Three lays out insights that become translated into five growth platforms. These platforms are different occasions in the shopper life that may change for each visit to the store. These occasions balance a need to be in control versus a desire for diversions from the daily grind.

Part Four of the report reviews two key insights: How convenience retail owners and operators can better understand how shopping occasions drive store choices, and the value of focusing on the shopper perspective as a tool for planning growth strategies.

This review only scratches the surface of the information available in this report. You can download your copy by clicking here. However, there is a more simple and basic principle on display here. Understanding your customer and their customer opens up possibilities and opportunities for all trading partners. As providers of at-retail merchandising and marketing services, we should never turn down a chance to get smarter.

One such chance to get smart is reading and downloading this report from NACS/CCRC. Another is to attend The Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC). The four days of networking, learning and motivation are almost upon us so if you have not registered or made your travel plans, do so today. The agenda and conference registration, as well as sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for the 2012 RMMC are available now at the Conference Center on #RMMC561 #RMMC560


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